So I just kept the satellite off for a while, but after a week or so the disconnecting/reconnecting issue returned. My ISP speed is 200mbps download so I don’t need gb wireless seeds. What I need is solid connection with no interruptions or lags. After many speed tests, I concluded it was my Apple Extreme. Checked the firmware per your article and found the last update was May 2019.

  • Moving away from other devices can establish a better connection.
  • But if this doesn’t solve the issue then you check this article on audio renderer error by TechGyo to explore more methods to solve this error.
  • As bluetooth standards have evolved with newer generation phones, incompatibilities and issues have arisen.
  • If available checkDelete the driver software for this deviceand clickOK.

You will just have to follow the prompts provided on your screen then click on the Apply option and go through the recommendation provided to you. Please restart your computer.” is fixed by doing this. Although this method is temporary in many cases as similar to the first method.

Solution 3: Setting The Same Sample Rate For Windows Sound Driver And Asio Driver

Please contact the official after-sales service in time, and report the situation to after-sales customer service for a solution. Insist on whether the pen core of the huion tablet pressure-sensitive pen is stuck, test method, lightly press the pen tip. This applies to graphics tablet pens that work on chargeable battery . This tip may sound obvious, but it happened that I forgot to charge the pen of my Huion Kamvas GT-191 few times. These pens tend to work for weeks or even months without any need of charging, so it’s no wonder that may happen to us to forget to charge them. How to fix mouse cursor not moving issue with your graphics tablet (works with Wacom, XP-Pen & Huion tablets).

Advantages Of Charging Your Pencil

Checking Huion Pen BatteriesFurthermore, you should also check whether the batteries are of full level. If the batteries are somehow drained or empty in your pens, they will not transmit information properly and hence cause trouble. Replace the batteries if need be and check again. Only if you are absolutely sure that the batteries are okay should you proceed. The pen tip or pen tip is an integral part of your pen. If it is loose or damaged, you pc turns on but no display can reattach it or get a new pen nib. To solve compatibility issues, Huion released Support TabletPC feature.

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